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2020 Data Walk

Do Dubuque residents have access to the opportunities they need to succeed? How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected our neighbors? Explore data that helps answer these important questions and others — and join us in finding solutions to our community’s complex challenges. 

Help us improve our data programming and prioritize our future areas of focus. 




What course has COVID-19 taken in Dubuque and Iowa, and what is the impact it has had?


How has COVID-19 impacted workers and businesses in Dubuque?


What has Dubuque done to respond to the crisis, and what else still needs to be accomplished?



What does the population of Dubuque look like, and how has it changed?


How have Dubuquers of different races and ethnicities been involved in our justice system?


What disparities exist regarding education and access to housing in Dubuque?

Videos From The Kickoff Meeting

Introduction to the Data Walk

Nancy Van Milligen, President and CEO

Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

Speaker - Racial Equity Data

Kelly Larson, Director of Human Rights

City of Dubuque

Speaker - COVID-19 Response

Jenna Manders, Director of Strategic Relations

Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

How to Navigate the Data Walk

Alex Baum, Knowledge Management Director

Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque

Join The Conversation

For this Data Walk there are two ways that you can join the conversation and provide your input, questions, and insights on how COVID-19 and Racial Equity impact our community:

1. As you visit each page of this Data Walk, be sure to submit a comment at the bottom of the page reacting to the data you have seen.  A Community Foundation staff member will then post that comment for others to see and react to.

2. Once you have finished exploring the site, come back to this page and submit your overall thoughts on the Data Walk.  You can find the submission page directly below.  We are asking each participant to answer some or all of the following questions:

1. What data was missing?

2. What was the most surprising thing you learned?

3. What are your top three issues for our community?

4. Is there anything else you would like to add?


Add your own reaction to this page so we can include it for future visitors

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